Monday, September 21, 2009


This one was made by my sister!

Many earrings I've made - these are my favorite piece to make -fast and easy.


  1. Holy cow! You have made a ton of jewelry!! I hope your bead store is less expensive than ours!! ha! Way cute stuff! Now we need to get together so you can teach me. And you should totally start selling some of these. I'll put a link to this blog on mine :)

  2. OK these are all too cute! I'll take the key chain with the flowerpot- two of them, the "my favorite" watchband, and the earings that are third up from the bottom (green, red, blue) only in green, corral or bronze??, and the same blue. So call me ~
    Love, Janet
    p.s. I'm also reading the Battlefield of the Mind!